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A new custom made pecan mantle replaced outdated mantle to give this fireplace a "wow" appearance.

Mantle 2016-05-23T20:58:04+00:00

Complete Home Remodel

This project was a complete remodel of an older home in south Temple.  We took this older home down to the bare walls and the work began.  The remodel was a complete new kitchen, new [...]

Complete Home Remodel 2016-05-23T20:59:52+00:00

Outdoor Railings

All new custom made railings were replaced around the pool area and upper stairs of this beautiful home.

Outdoor Railings 2018-01-01T20:47:39+00:00

Garage Conversion

An existing garage was converted to a guest room and a new laundry room to give this home more space.

Garage Conversion 2016-05-23T19:08:22+00:00

Ceiling, Kitchen, Fireplace, Floors

This project was a complete remodel of the kitchen, entry and living room.  This remodel included new front doors as well as updated railing on the stairs, new beamed ceilings and new wood floors.  The [...]

Ceiling, Kitchen, Fireplace, Floors 2016-05-23T19:21:17+00:00


All existing grass and old shrubbery was torn out and replaced with new grass and new landscaping to give this yard a new and refreshing update from shrubbery that had been in the yard for [...]

Landscaping 2016-05-23T18:51:56+00:00

Kitchen / Living Room Remodel

This project was a complete remodel of the kitchen and living room, including new wood floors and new appliances. New rock replaced existing brick on fireplace to give this lovely home a more updated look. [...]

Kitchen / Living Room Remodel 2016-05-23T18:47:22+00:00