Quality should still stand for something.

Our purpose is to provide a superior product with an undeniable desire for service, professionalism, and excellence. Brisbin-Shoemaker’s core belief is that quality should still stand for something.


No one remembers how you start, but everyone remembers how you finish. 

We strive daily to deliver the values most significant to the public. There is no replacement for taking pride in your work.  The honest quality of your product is our most desired objective.  From the early phases of a project all way to the completed product; our professional, common sense, delivery, and approach is simple yet efficient.  The personal devotion to our clients is what we feel is our strongest asset.  The one-on-one attention is backed by continued commitment to service well beyond the completion date of the project. We hold our team to the highest of standards, all while creating an atmosphere that is gratifying and effective for all who are involved.  No one remembers how you start, but everyone remembers how you finish.  The foundation of our firm, along with the outstanding relationships were built with one common theme – trust.


Client retainage is one of more treasured building blocks.

Commitment to our services is held in extraordinary regard. Our team creates a proactive, positive solution for every situation the may arise.  The proactive lifestyle created by our group, allows the client to place their trust within our hands. In return, we are creating solutions to best achieve the preferred goals that are most important to the client.  The understanding of people and their desires allows us to better serve the community in which we work in.  The heart of this business is relationship building and retainage.  Our list of clientele is vast.  All clients that interact with us come from dissimilar backgrounds and experiences.

Client retainage is one of our more treasured building blocks.  We simply refer to clients as our respected, professional friends.  We are proud of our 90% custom retainage percentage.  When functioning with us, you become a priority team member with a voice.  We have an open-door policy for everyone on the team.  The only dumb question, is the one that is not asked.

Diversification & Inclusion

We engage and encourage.

The culture and diversity of our company provides an environment of encouragement towards creativity.  Our team is made up with personnel with very diverse qualities and experiences.  Playing to each individual member strengths allows us to each provide our best in each arena.  The qualifications are vastly different between each team member.  With a solid foundation of Master Degree education, paired with team members who have achieved 20 years of field service industry experience, allows for a more dynamic team environment.

The entire workforce is encouraged to express the creativity needed towards the client goals.  We build our project teams based on individuals with different backgrounds, skill sets and passions geared toward the particular client and his or her wishes.  The creative development of each team member enhances our relationships to create professional and personal growth.  We engage and encourage the entire team to think outside the box.


We will lead by example and let our principles serve as the pillar of our actions.

We understand the level of monetary involvement and impact of what we deliver is based on simple economics.  Our activities create an economic impact for all involved.  The cost of what we do is often misunderstood.  Our responsibility is to encourage communication to create a transparent atmosphere with morals and ethics being our first priority.  Our process of valued engineering (VE) allows us to provide a custom set of cost codes developed for differing economic levels within reach of each distinct client.  Construction practices change over time.  We are advocates of educating our employees and clients to the evolving markets and economics of the construction industry.  Sustainability is a key aspect while never losing site of the end goal.  We will lead by example and let our principles serve as the pillar of our actions.

Customer Testimonials

We were building a complete outdoor kitchen and a new patio addition on land below our pool area. We had another contractor start the job but they were having trouble finishing the job. Brisbin-Shoemaker was recommended to us and they finished our job in a very timely and professional manner and I think it turned out even better than it was originally supposed to be. Thank you Brisbin-Shoemaker for making our outdoor area look beautiful.

Don C.

Brisbin- Shoemaker completely remodeled our garden home. The kitchen was totally torn out and new cabinets, flooring, appliances, countertops and light fixtures were replaced. They also tore out the floor throughout the house and replaced with new wood flooring, completely remodeled the master bath and repainted the entire inside of the house. Their attention to detail, their knowledge and the timeliness of the job was perfect. I highly recommend.

Donna C.

I was referred to Brisbin-Shoemaker by a friend who had just remodeled her kitchen. I was so impressed with the knowledge and attention to detail of what I wanted that I hired them right on the spot. They did me a fantastic job. I would highly recommend them for your kitchen remodel.

Kathy S.


Let's build something.

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